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Finn Hosey

Finn Hosey, a budding young actor, shares the big screen with his bold personality, his empathetic nature, and his adventurous spirit. Finn is largely driven by his keen ability to understand human behavior.  Finn knows what is required by his audience in order for them to connect with an on screen character.  Finn has been training with The Actors Group, one of the finest film acting schools in the country.  His comprehensive training includes an "On Set" environment, which has helped prepare him for the presence of the camera.  His training is guided by a variety of successful actors with over 35 years of experience, many of whom have booked everything from leads in blockbuster films to series regulars on hit TV shows. 


Finn is in the infancy stage of his acting career and is currently seeking agency representation.

"The actors job isn't to try to get the job. It is to create a compelling interesting character that serves the material. The rest is out of your control"

Bryan Cranston

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